Any from of art, be it music, painting, literature, is often a reflection of a person’s soul. Each creator expresses this reflection in a unique fashion.

In my creation, using paints and brushes, I try to manifest the inner beauty of the human soul. The main theme in my works is theater and music, art within art, reflection within reflection. I try to convey the permanent movement present in these art forms and their monumental significance in the interpretation of the world. The combined use of bright colors and dark hues shows the fortes and the pianos of this intertwined art world.

The aesthetics of music, literature, theater, and fine arts coexists with the beauty, present within each of us, input by Mother Nature, is present in all my genres of painting. This beauty I express though the female figures and the playful harlequins in their bright outfits and costumes, gracefully interacting and playing out scenes from my imagination.

I infuse my soul and energy into the each piece and try to create a magic atmosphere, which will transfuse only positive emotions to my viewers.

Laura Avetisyan


Laura Avetissyan is an artist, who works in the different genres of painting. Her original symbolic images are realized in a bold but mild technique of painting. With her mastery the paintress enriches and ennobles the human soul.

Laura’s original art is profound and expressive. She loves Nature, loves people with their spiritual world. The dramatic images of her fantastic theater are performed in brilliant artistic methods and in restrained colors of the palette.

How vital and joyful her canvases are!

Suren Nazaryan
Artist, Sculptor, Professor


I met Laura Avetissian, before I attended her studio.

She appeared to have a very shy personality, and was somewhat unsociable, with great sadness in her eyes. I had already heard of her talent, and soon was presented with the opportunity to see her paintings, by visiting her studio.

The bright, colorful world, I appeared in, struck me with its uniquely brilliant and colorful mastery, accompanied by its superb professionalism. Her paintings reflect the different periods of her life and work, which are related and interconnected.

As a musician, I especially valued in her works the richness and brightness of the palette, the inner pulsation, the dramatic effects.


Kostantin Orbelian

In the family of the paintress reigned the art spirit and was always heard the music, either classical or popular. For all her life Laura even couldn’t determine what she loved more – her profession or music?

Many of her compositions are a little bit dramatized and the music sounds there more distinctly – the pictures of reed-pipe, violin and other musical instruments are supplemented with symbolic circles, expressing different notes. Diminishing, they fly out of the canvas, resembling small balloons. This way of expressing the sound by circles goes back to hoary antiquity.

You should know and love the history of painting, absorbing and personifying the things that are closer and dearer to you, taking from it the “your own”. Laura’s deep, spiritual world tells us of her original, pure and abundant aura that you feel at once. Among her paintings, a special mysterious light shrouds you, clearing your soul and filling it with kindness. In her canvases one can distinctly hear music – either dramatic or joyful.


Peter Vegin,

Laura succeeded in creating quite a new world of azure dreams. In melodious language of the Mother-Nature, the language of mysterious and expressive silence the speaks with the onlooker, carrying him away from reality, lifting towards the blue abyss, where a man, at least for a short time, feels himself in perfect bliss.

Gevorg Abajian


It isn’t easy for an artist, even with the professional education, to create his own microcosm. Some studios resemble shops of the accidental things. It seems that they represent works of different artists, having no connection with each other. In this sham creative diversity the individuality of such authors is absolutely lost.

In an exhibition one can easily recognize Laura’s canvases among the hundreds of the others. Being a part of her emotional experience, Laura’s art works have caught the fancy of many collectors and found haven in many countries.

Laura’s world consists of separate novels, united with one theme. It’s like a fantastic theater, where each time, when the curtain raises, you meet Laura’s beloved heroes.

One’s heart fills with joy seeing her progress and the improvement of the mastery from one canvas to another.

Laura’s generous soul is always ready to grasp the beauty of life, music, art, etc. It finds its expression in the great love towards her homeland – Armenia and its future.

Attached to the National Center of Aesthetics Laura has organized a fund, named after her husband,  a talented pedagogue and sculptor Souren Nazarian. Every year the young artists of the Center get prizes from this fund, which inspire them for the creation of the new colorful artworks.


H. Igitian
Art Critic,
Founder and Director of Children’s Art Gallery and Modern Art Museum,
General Director of the National Center of Aesthetics